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Birthdate:Oct 3
Siegie and loyal Cobra soldier first. Respectable citizen second.

I'll tell you what you want to hear (and make you believe it, too), but don't ask me about that germ.

Things of Note:

Real Name: Classified; uses various aliases instead.
Appearance: Like all Siegies, this can change, so there is no point in giving a proper physical description beyond something like "thirty-something white male".
Birthplace: Classified.
Personality: Enjoyed causing trouble as a youth, but presents a respectable front these days, as is expected of all men and women in the Guard.
Occupation: Medicine [I'm leaning towards something like "family practise", even though we see him sitting in a room with people who likely had just come out of surgery, indicating he might be a surgeon in cartoon canon]; however, when he's in the bar he is effectively "off duty" [because I don't know squat about medicine, and need research and assistance in that area, and until that happens, the "off duty" rule applies].

Special Note: X-99 and anyone else the mun adopts from Joe-verse is to be considered as part of the same kitbashed continuity that Rad [info]action_rad and the Crimson Twins [info]xamotomax are from, to minimise confusion and to simplify matters related to RP in and out of the bar.

Therefore it is now 2007 for X-99 [early 2007; date not determined yet], as it is for the Twins and Rad.

Agent X-99 is from G.I. Joe, and is the property of Hasbro and anyone else who currently holds the property licence for whatever media G.I. Joe appears in. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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